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Would it surprise anyone if the "American Clergy Leadership Conference" turns out to be a Unification Church front group? See the list at the end of this article.

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April 10, 2001 (David Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061-0368, - Cult leader

"Rev." Sun Myung Moon has launched a new ecumenical venture called "We Will Stand!" It is being promoted by a 50 state tour which began Feb. 25 in New York City. The tour came to Oklahoma City on April 5, and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Smith and I attended the press conference to gather information about this movement.

Michael Jenkins, President of the Family Federation for World Peace (the new name for Moon's Unification Church) and the American Clergy Leadership Conference (another Moon-associated organization), conducted the press conference. He noted that they are "on a mission to rebuild the family and to bring the body of Christ together." They intend to build a coalition of all denominations and races. He said, "There was a time when the different denominations had a purpose, but now God is raising up prophets to call upon the 12 tribes of the New Israel to be one body. Jesus is calling upon all denominations to come together, to break down denominational walls. There is a new dispensation. New things are being opened up." He said that Moon is revealing new things, and that Jesus' words are being understood in new ways today. Another speaker at the press conference, a "Rev." Medina, said, "It was during a Billy Graham crusade years ago that I lost my denominational hang-ups."

Participants in "We Will Stand" include Southern Baptists, Missionary Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics, Church of God, Christ of Christ, Apostolic, United Pentecostal, Anglican, and others.

The unity that is desired by Moon's "We Will Stand" venture goes far beyond a unity of professing Christians, though. Jenkins said that the love of Jesus is so infinite that all should be embraced as children of God. He cited Jesus' prayer in John 17 and applied it to inter-denominational, inter-religious, and inter-racial unity. North American Indians, who worship nature, Jews, Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, and members of other religions are involved in the Moon coalition.

Like all ecumenical ventures, "We Will Stand" encourages people to ignore error. Pastor Humphrey, who also spoke at the press conference, said, "Love does not pay attention to things that are wrong." This flies in the face of hundreds of biblical commands to judge all things by the Word of God. Jude tells us to earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 3). 2 Timothy tells preachers to reprove sin and error (2 Tim. 4:2). The Psalmist, a man after God's own heart, said that he not only loved the truth but hated every false way (Psalm 119:128).

The 81-year-old Sun Myung Moon has been building broad ecumenical coalitions for decades, and it is amazing to see men who profess to believe the Bible joining hands with him. Moon was featured at an "American Come Together" meeting in Washington, D.C., January 19, 2001. It was advertised as "the inaugural prayer luncheon for unity and renewal" and the chairpersons included four members of the U.S. House of Representatives as well as Douglas Joo, President of the Washington Times Foundation, which is owned by Moon. The "invitational committee and speakers" included the following evangelical and charismatic leaders:

Don Argue, President, Northwest College Pat Boone, CCM singer Phil Driscole, CCM entertainer Kenneth Copeland, Word-Faith leader John Corts, President, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Paul Crouch, President, Trinity Broadcasting Network Wiley Drake, Pastor, First Southern Baptist Church, Buena Park, CA Tony Evans, Promise Keepers speaker Jerry Falwell, President, Liberty University Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham Max Lucado, popular author, Promise Keepers speaker James Merritt, President, Southern Baptist Convention Thomas Trask, General Superintendent, Assemblies of God.

By joining this endeavor, these men were yoked together with a wide variety of heresy, including cult leader Sun Myung Moon; Roman Catholic John Michael Talbot, who prays to Mary; self-esteem guru Robert Schuller; and Jewish Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

Sun Myung Moon claims that Jesus Christ appeared to him in 1935 and commissioned him to establish the kingdom of God on earth. He started the Unification Church in Korea in 1954, and in 1971 he came to the United States. According to the strange Unification doctrine (the "Divine Principle"), Moon and his wife, who are called "the Heavenly Parents," were chosen to produce the kingdom of God on earth. Moon claims that God said to him, "You are the son I have been seeking, the one who can begin my eternal history." Supposedly, Adam and Eve failed to produce the kingdom because of their sin, and Jesus likewise failed to produce the kingdom of God because he was crucified before he could marry the perfect bride. Thus Moon was chosen to carry on the work of Jesus Christ. Moon claims that Jesus was born of an immoral relationship between Mary and the father of John the Baptist. Moon conducts mass weddings of interracial couples. He says that only when man and woman come together to procreate do they make a whole human being. In Oakland, California, last month, he said to the women: "If you don't give birth, you are disqualified as a woman" ("Rev. Moon Stirs Up Fans," Oakland Tribune, March 13, 2001). In Oklahoma City, Moon proclaimed: "I have been to the spirit world. I have met God." In Minneapolis, Moon interrupted his message from time to time and asked, "Do you feel grateful for Rev. Moon?" ("Rev. Moon still has much to say," Minneapolis Star Tribune, March 11, 2001).

The hundreds of Moon-affiliated organizations include the following:
American Clergy Leadership Conference
American Council for World Freedom
American Family Coalition
American Freedom Coalition
American Parents Association
Captive Nations
Causa U.S.A.
Center for Educational Media
Coalition for a Free World
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Free Asia Foundation
Freedom Leadership Foundation
International Conference of World Peace
International Exchange Press
International Religious Foundation
Korean International Foundation for World Peace
Korean Professors World Peace Academy
National Parents Day Foundation
New Birth Project
New Family Foundation
News World Communications
Paragon House Publishers
Professors World Peace Academy
Rose of Sharon Press
Sunshine Schools
True Parents Organization
Unification Church
Visual Arts Society
Washington Times
Washington Institute Press
Women's Federation for World Peace
World Alliance for Civil Rights
World Anti-Communist League
World and I
World Freedom Movement
World Media Association
World Medical Health Foundation
World Scripture Project
World University Times

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