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NOTE: Most of our meetings are at 425 Lotus Ln., Mtn. View.

ASV Library at meetings: bring books & magazines; get books and magazines

Everyone is welcome at our meetings: members, non-members, Atheists, Agnostics, Pagans, Deists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, ... You don't have to come out of the closet at the meeting or even give your real name. Our membership and Yahoo lists are not public. We don't charge for atttendance, but do ask if people want to donate to help with the small expenses of keeping us going and doing outreach.

For events in San Francisco, see the San Francisco Atheists calendar or their website.
For more events in San Francisco, see Atheist Advocates of San Francisco.
For events in the East Bay, see the East Bay Atheists calendar.
For Humanist Community Sunday events in Palo Alto, see their calendar.
Psychologist Marlene Winell, Ph.D. offers weekend retreats for recovery from religion.

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Nothing is currently scheduled for ASV. For the Atheist Community of San Jose, see their events page.

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