The Real Legacy of Pope John Paul II

Why are you so sad that the pope has died?  Isn’t Heaven, with its soft clouds, harps and endless reunions, every believer’s dream?  Would you rather he stay suffering in this “vale of tears?”  Besides, he loved to travel; this is the ultimate trip!

Now, let’s get past the panegyrics glutting the media and explore the real “legacy” of this mortal man who played god to so many adoring fans.


John Paul was unmatched in honoring religious hysterics for “miracles,” rather than the real heroes:  doctors, research scientists and engineers who effect verifiable results in their quest to make our lives healthier and happier.

A prime example of how easy it is to attain sainthood is Mother Teresa.  This woman told her patients that it was good to suffer – that pain was “Jesus kissing you.”  Although her charities collected millions of dollars, that money was not used to assuage the suffering of the poor.  Minimal healthcare with substandard medical supplies was the order of the day at her clinics.  When Teresa was ill, however, she went to the world’s best hospitals.  No kisses for MT!  (Those donations were held in bank accounts earmarked for the Vatican , assuring her that halo.)


John Paul assumed his office with full knowledge of the Church’s pedophile problem.  It was hardly a recent development, having been brought to the attention of the Vatican over 1,000 years ago.  Did the new pope put an end to sexual abuse by priests?  No, he concealed the problem just as his predecessors had done.  When he could no longer deny that the Church harbored sexual predators, did he offer the riches of the Vatican to help settle the claims?  No.

Clergy pedophiles are not peculiar to the Church in the United States , yet our country’s victims were the first to successfully overcome the powerful protection of their oppressors.  What about those in third-world countries who are at the mercy of priests and nuns?  They lack the knowledge of the successful prosecution of other cases because of poor media coverage; they haven’t the funds for (or the ease of access to) legal aid – nor can they hope for moral support from their brainwashed peers!


As long as it is before birth or at death’s door, “life is precious” to the Vatican’s men of god.  The quality of the time that lies between the two is of no interest to them.  How could they possibly comprehend the day-to-day existence of ordinary people?

Have they changed a diaper, sponged a fevered child through the long night, attended a PTA meeting; explained to a creditor why the payment is late; looked in the cupboard and found nothing to eat; watched a soul mate die slowly and painfully; cared for a dying parent, in the saddest of role reversals?  No.

Most of these men in skirts were whisked off to seminary as mere children themselves – deprived of a “normal” home life, not permitted to interact with girls during their youth and adolescence.  As men, forced to forsake their bodily urges, most could not.  Their choices were limited:  abandon their vocation; visit prostitutes; avail themselves of the live-in housekeeper; masturbate, find comfort in the liquor cabinet…  or, for those so disposed, prey upon the innocent boys who were sent to serve them.


The paternalistic Church will do anything to increase its numbers.  What better way than to forbid contraception?  This is best exemplified in Central and South American “Catholic” countries, where women produce children until their bodies give out.  With more mouths to feed, the grinding poverty is inescapable.

In America , contraception is treated differently.  We all know “cafeteria Catholics” who choose the doctrines they can live with and skip those that do not fit their lifestyles.  Do you really think that “god” is responsible for fewer children per family in America every decade since women gained control of their reproductive freedom?


The church’s misogyny goes far beyond the issues of ordination and contraception.  In June of 2000, a special U.N. conference convened to evaluate the status of women’s rights and maintained that the Roman Catholic Church actually worked to oppose and even reverse the social progress of women throughout the world.

Why would the Vatican concern itself with whether or not there is job training to empower women, quality childcare for working mothers, respite help for family caregivers (usually women)?  At a disadvantage is exactly where these men want women to stay!

[Please don’t bother to tout Catholic Charities.  Fourteen percent of CC’s income is from donations; sixty-seven percent is from government sources.]


Nothing emanates from the Vatican without careful deliberation and planning.  Why did John Paul aid in the downfall of the Soviet Union?  Well, wouldn’t it be another jewel in his mitre if the Church stepped in where the Communist Party had been?  Fortunately, the universities, media, and other targets for takeover have successfully resisted Vatican control.

The Vatican wields considerable influence at the United Nations.  It has impeded the funding of sex education, family planning and abortion.  While disease and starvation due to overpopulation are decimating entire countries, the Catholic Church insists that more children share in the suffering.

Some U. S. lawmakers, including Pennsylvania ’s own ultra-Catholic Senator, Rick Santorum, seem to forget that we are a secular nation.  (They are more concerned that Iraq be secular, than to hold fast to our own roots!)  They bombard Capitol Hill with bills “objecting to any effort to expel the Holy See” from the United Nations.

Does anyone remember when this country was afraid to elect John F. Kennedy, our first and only Catholic President?  Now it is virtually impossible for a secular candidate to get elected to any office!  Voters want guarantees that they are voting for a god-fearing individual!  More time is spent trying to prove who is holier than in doing the jobs they are elected to do.


The Vatican ’s biggest industry (aside from indoctrination) is worldwide financial and banking services.  A select group of 1,000 spoiled men live in luxury on an annual budget of $175 million – while condemning most of their followers to a poverty-stricken existence.

John Paul enjoyed the trappings of his office for 26 years, all the while digging in his heels and doing his best to halt progress.  Now his progress has been halted.  Consummatum est!

Lorie Polansky
Pennsylvania State Director
Altoona PA

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